5 Reasons Why Modern Healthcare Apps Are Vital

According to doctors, after 30 years, everyone should constantly monitor five indicators: blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels, body mass index and waist volume. In some cases, laboratory tests are indispensable – but otherwise, gadgets and applications help.

The popularity of a healthy lifestyle and the fashion for biohacking among engineers and IT specialists has formed a new trend – “Quantified Self”. 

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It is based on a simple thesis: the human body is a complex machine. To effectively manage it, identify or predict problems ahead of time, it is necessary to constantly measure all vital functions. And from measurements to form datasets – the “digital twin” of our body and psyche – and analyze it using artificial intelligence technologies.

But if earlier, to collect such extensive data, it was required to regularly go to polyclinics and spend fabulous money on tests and consultations with doctors, now the situation has changed. Thanks to the development of fitness trackers, smartwatches and the medical Internet of things (sensors on the body, in clothes and shoes), continuous monitoring of most physiological indicators, mental state and activity level is available at home at an affordable price.

Motor under control

 The most important of the many subsystems in our body is cardiovascular. According to the WHO, before the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, heart disease was the leading cause of death worldwide for 20 years in a row. From 2000 to 2019, the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases increased by more than 2 million and reached almost 9 million a year. However, early diagnosis, prevention and early treatment can prevent many serious consequences.

Blood pressure control 

An important indicator of health is the pressure that blood puts on the walls of the arteries. Just do not forget that you need to measure pressure at least twice a day – after waking up and before bed. If you work out in the gym, then before, in the middle, and after your workout. It is desirable to record all measurements and track their dynamics.

Breathe deeply 

Until March 2020, few of us had heard about saturation – an indicator of blood oxygen saturation. And already in May of the same year, pulse oximetry devices, along with respirators, became one of the most popular products in online electronics stores.

If you haven’t already bought a separate compact, slip-on pulse oximeter, then take your time. Other gadgets are also able to non-invasively (without penetration) measure the level of oxygen saturation of capillary blood. Such an application is available on Apple Watch Series 6 and a number of fitness bracelet models, starting, for example, with Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 or Huawei Honor Band 5.

On the scales 

Under the beds, everyone who wants to lose weight usually has a simple bathroom scale that can only measure body weight. But for additional money, they can be turned into a multifunctional harvester to monitor your health and progress in training.

Other useful functions of the smart scale include monitoring the amount of fluid in the body. Perhaps you do not drink enough, and because of this, your overall tone, productivity and skin condition suffer, metabolic products are poorly excreted. Or, on the contrary, there is a lot of fluid, which means you should go to the doctor and check the functions of the urinary system.

In a drop of blood 

Last on the list, but, especially for older people, almost the most important device is a universal express analyzer for self-monitoring of glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Unfortunately, the devices cannot be synchronized with a smartphone and download the results of their analyzes directly. But given the speed of progress in the development of applications, in the near future such an option may appear.

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