With orioles, not everything can be thrown away

How hard it is to be an Orioles fan these days. The poor birds are at the bottom of the abyss. The team converts defeats and can judge “not bad” (12 wins against 14 defeats) except for one month in April, the rest of the season will be disastrous.

Each pitcher displayed on the mound seems to act as a batting practice for the opposing teams. The powerful Jays rubbed their hands in no less than 47 points in four games last weekend. Is there a factor in the Baltimore ground? We have to ask ourselves the question.

In short, without pitchers, the team was not going anywhere. John Means is no more a shadow than himself, and you almost forgot that in early April he started a game without a point or a win. Others, may not be able to speak.

Some are very good and some are very bad

However, not all can be thrown into the Baltimore squad. The most attentive of you will no doubt have noticed the good seasons of two players in particular: Cedric Mullins and Ryan Mountcase.

I don’t know how hard it is to motivate your team for so long when your team is constantly lagging behind like the Orioles, but many are still true professionals on the list.

Cedric Mullins has made a beautiful name for himself this season and will undoubtedly make a solid player on a beautiful, highly ambitious team. With 29 long balls and 28 stolen goals (and a 300 batting average), Mullins is on the threshold of a valuable 30-30 club. He is also the closest in the history of training.

The last had a center fielder Flirted With these numbers: Mike Drout.

His first “real” season at MLB has been great.

Another nice surprise coming from Maryland is called the Ryan Mountcase. Versatile New The 24-year-old has an excellent first full season Great show. With 28 home runs and 78 RBIs, Mountcase is one of the most productive new years in club history. When you do a particular leg better than Ribbon Jr. or Eddie Murray, you can’t be without talent.


New of the year?

It is very likely that the young Orioles player’s name will end up in the top-3 for the title of Rookie of the Year. Voters may forget that he had a bad start to the season and may reward him for his performance at the highest level.

Not everything is dark with orioles, and sometimes you just have to keep your eyes peeled. Cedric Mullins and Ryan Mountcase will talk about them again at the end of the season, no doubt for many years to come.

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