“The Knee” by Nadav Labit: Israel examined the bone

"The Knee" by Nadav Labit: Israel examined the bone

With Ahed’s knee, Released in France on September 15, Natav Lebid presents his most serious film. There he questions his work as a filmmaker in present-day Israel.

Discovered foreign journalists Ahed’s knee At the last Cannes Film Festival, the film was awarded a jury prize, and the screening was somewhat stunning. Among the most lively, is the critic of the American press Variety Triggers a movie in form “Hostage” On the edge “Exciting” And “Unbearable”. “It is rare to encounter such sincere attraction and pre-despair”, Jessica Jiang writes.

Nadav Lobit’s new film 2019 Golden Bear in Berlin Similar words, Is a stylistic Tour de Force. It is clear from the starting line, shines. But its not the Raison D’Tre show. As Jordan Mindser points out Hollywood Reporter, This is above all for the Israeli filmmaker “To find your own language”, Cut and punch. Directed by Nadav Lobid while his mother was mourning, film editor Era Lobit, who collaborated on all of his previous films, said, β€œLe Geno de Ahead Provides an aesthetic that is limited to roughness, spacing, tonal changes and brutal camera movements. All this is as embarrassing as a joint without cartilage ”, Starts again Variety.

Tahemi’s knee

Title and cartilage, so to speak, from the title. Lapid says, consent Claire’s knee, Romans film (1970), not original Hebrew title, Haberk (“Knee”). On the other hand, the film refers to Ahed Tamimi, a young Palestinian who was sentenced to eight months in prison in Israel in December 2017 for stabbing an IDF soldier. Far-right deputy Bezalel Smodrich later regretted that we did not want to shoot the teenager in the knee, so she “Under house arrest for the rest of his life”.

The film, in all its forms and metaphors, is produced by the grieving filmmaker, Y (Awsalom Pollak), in Ahead Tamimi. In full cast to find his lead actress, he travels to the Arava Desert, not far from the Jordanian border, to attend the screening of his previous film. There, he was greeted by Yahlom (Noor Fibak), an official of the Ministry of Culture, who asked him to sign a form listing the issues that could be discussed during the session. Y is angry against what he considers to be an attempt at censorship and is angry with the virus against a country in a full-fledged extremist movement that makes the atmosphere more and more breathless.

Video of 7fgotIfaDrU

“The Greatest Emotional Intensity”

Will he (or she) sign the form? Israeli Daily Notes Hearts, Assorted center left, Ahed’s knee Goes beyond directing “Single Man’s Struggle against Established Order”. Asked by A.J. Goldman for American Jewish Magazine Forward, Nat Labit summarizes his hero, Aphoria, who finds himself in his alternative ego: “How can you be good in a fundamentally bad environment? And does it make sense to be right if it disconnects you from most human instincts?” ? ” This is his picture, stretched by existential questions “A The cry of rage, pain and love “ Against “Israeli Community”, Encrypts New York Weekly.

In Israel, where Ahed’s knee Released on July 15, the film split naturally. Conservative press, Such as Jerusalem Post, Weeded “Hypocrisy” Such is the frenzy of a director who has received help from the Israeli government. The movie “Lack of soul” Moreover, even if the subsidies received are not sufficient to finance it, they only reduce its significant burden, Written by Hannah Brown in the English daily Jerusalem. Harrets, Apparently more determined “Anger and frustration are the soul of the film”, Applause “Work with Extreme Emotion Intensity”. Among his diatrips facing the desert, Y “Above all he portrays himself as a victim, which gives him a certain level of childishness and self-help.” Journalist Yuri Klein mentions. “But isn’t that a real portrait of most of us Israelis?” He asks.

Ahed’s knee, Published by Coalition on September 15, in France, by Natav Labit International Mail.

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