Migration tension between London and Paris

Migration tension between London and Paris

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The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan last month (August 2021) raises the question of welcoming refugees into the EU, but also in Turkey. And the tension echoes from border to border.

126 migrants were rescued at sea between France and England Brought back to France by the French navy. Last weekend, and over the course of the week, more than 1,000 people crossed the channel to the English coast. Anxious situation: Authorities estimate that 11 people have died since the crossroads began. The tone is high between London and Paris, And the British threatened to divert the temporary boats. Details in London from Mary Pillan.

A new wall in Europe. He will separate Poland from Belarus. The radical Conservative Polish government of Mathews Moraviki ordered its construction The entry of migrants from the Middle East via Minsk should be banned. A state of emergency has been declared in nearly 200 Polish border areas, especially for humanitarian workers who are barred from accessing the media for depression. In Warsaw, Damien Simonard’s interpretations.

Turkey has about 3,700,000 SyriansEspecially following the deal with Brussels. Turkish authorities have increased their arrests in recent weeks in anticipation of the arrival of Afghan refugees fleeing Mullahs. It inspires hundreds of thousands of illegal Afghans to live in fear. And They especially target Afghan rockers, many in Istanbul. Report, Anne Anlayer.

In Norway, Won the Labor Assembly after a campaign dominated by climate and the future of oil and the country’s great wealth. Labor Jonas Car Store becomes the next prime minister, But depending on the final results It must comply with certain parties favorable to the release of hydrocarbons. This material is particularly sensitive in the oil capital Stavanger On the southwest coast of the country. Report by Anne-Franாங்கois Hayward.

Enemies have no rest in Belarus: Maria Kolsnikova, 39 – Leading figure in the Summer 2020 struggle – sentenced to 10 years in prison on September 6, 2021In particular, the “conspiracy to seize power”. Although she was fully aware of the risks involved, she refused to leave her country. He was sentenced after a trial behind closed doors. Portrait of Carlotta Mordeo.

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