Media: Quebec stands up against digital companies with its QUB application

Media: Quebec stands up against digital companies with its QUB application

Quebec’s senior management called on the press on Wednesday to present a “brand new big project” entirely digital. Called QUB, it is a platform application in which Montreal integrates content from all its media features and the magazine’s attractive articles. 7 days Newly released video reports online by TVA Nouvelles.

Duty Was able to get his hands on the trial version of QUB and have been trying it for the past few days. In addition to articles and videos taken from Quebec’s various media properties, QUB integrates podcasts and music from QUB Radio and QUB Music. Everything is provided like a news feed on mobile. Although it can be viewed on tablet and web version, the application is designed to be optimized for the phone’s screen.

So Quebecore delivers all the digital content it produces in one place. This equates to dozens of new information and entertainment every day.

Except for integrated services that require a subscription, such as QUB Music, the public can view QUB completely free of charge, which only works if the user registers properly. The application relies on an advertising model to generate revenue. This is not without cross-promotions: participants in the reality TV series Love Island Whether or not the app was featured in the search feed earlier this week.

Similar articles were published on websites on its various platforms as part of Quebec’s content distribution strategy. Montreal Magazine, TVA Nouvelles or 24 hoursFor example, the general QUB thread may appear one after the other. However, the user can filter the content according to his preferences and repeat or remove elements that are of less interest to him. Then, the application will create custom texts using customization methods based on the technology of the American company Amazon.

To make some space on its list for the newcomer, Quebec will unleash an old mobile app called J5. Owners of smartphones equipped with this application will see it converted to a QUB application in a future update.

“Open” to Francophony

Because its new creation has good content content, the Quebec management wants to establish itself as a competitor to the digital privileges of its two eternal Quebec competitors. Press + And ICI Radio-Canada.

But the project, which will be the brainchild of CEO Pierre Carly Palado, looks like an integrated offer recently proposed by some American digital companies. This includes the rest of the Apple One service package, which includes information, audiovisual entertainment and video games.

QUB has not gone that far, but the creators of the platform are already considering an evolution that will include content outside of Quebec’s fold. Francophone publishers and creators of non-traditional media content outside of Quebec – the most popular podcasters and influencers, for example – may be invited to broadcast their content on QUB among other things.

Of course, beyond supply, there is also demand. News and Entertainment Content Is Quebec Consumer Appropriate for the New Quebec App? Fans of Montreal products will no doubt be approached first. The company plans to bank on its subsidiary Videotron to stimulate interest in QUP.

There is nothing that his enemies have not already done, each in his own way. Bell promotes its Grave Video-on-Demand app extensively to its mobile phone customers. Rogers is offering some of its subscribers a free subscription of up to six months to the Apple Music service.

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