Lines: Facing an alliance between Percy and Google, CGT is advancing to the plate

Lines: Facing an alliance between Percy and Google, CGT is advancing to the plate

CGT Finance Publics des p ches c-du-ron worries. He fears the impact of a partnership between Percy and Google (Alphabet), which aims to find taxable items using artificial intelligence. In collaboration with consulting firm Capgemini, American Digital has developed software that automatically detects objects (such as a building extension, swimming pool) that can be taxed with artificial intelligence and aerial photography.

The project, called “Innovative Land”, will cost more than 12 million euros and is in the testing phase in 9 sectors, including Bouches-du-Rhône, Alpes-Maritime, Var and Maine-et-Loire. Ambition? Detect undeclared buildings or cross the line under radar and update the computerized cadastral plan “with minimal human intervention”, according to an internal document consulted by AFP.

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One way to detect fraudsters but above all to “save money”, Claire Surrey, land surveyor condemned: “In 20 years, we have lost more than 30% of the staff at the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFIP)”, he explains to AFP , The solution is to call on Google “, CGT Accounting Publics explains this selected nationality.

“We push the humanity of the public service to the limit,” explains Philip Lockett, departmental secretary of the CGT Public Finance 13, who says “low-cost public administration” does not want to outsource its services to “private providers”. . “Artificial intelligence is not going to do the best quality work,” estimates Frederick Busson, a land surveyor:

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According to him, whether it is a swimming pool or a building, aerial views are not accurate for valuing a property, and errors can occur in tax terms, especially with regard to local taxes and property taxes. Agents warn against the option of creating “automatic taxation” that would be discriminatory to taxpayers who have not previously traveled the ground.

The CGT announced the intent to question local elected officials, demanding a parliamentary inquiry into the project and the selection of Google as a subcontractor, while the US company was isolated for treatment for its tax practices and personal data. In 2019, an American digital company was fined one billion euros for tax evasion by a Paris court.

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