Continued destruction of antiquities at Del Aroma: “Contrary to any logic or morality”

Continued destruction of antiquities at Del Aroma: "Contrary to any logic or morality"

Pictures taken yesterday (Monday) using a skimmer at the Del Aroma archaeological site in Samaria show the site being continuously destroyed by Palestinians, including the construction of an improved mosque in the Del area near the archaeological site.

Del Aroma, which overlooks the Idamar Mountains, contains discoveries dating back to biblical times and a Hasmonian castle with large water reservoirs. The site is in Part B, so access to it is very limited.

Since 2009, he has been destroying and looting Palestinian artifacts from a company, using tractors and heavy tools that Matt worked on. Members of the Confederation for the Preservation of Ancient and National Heritage Sites in Judea and Samaria describe the Hasmonian castle wall as a unique addition to the ornate stones, among others.

Recently, the organization, in collaboration with the Sheila Forum, released a comprehensive survey of all endangered heritage sites in Judea and Samaria. They define the Del-Aroma site as “on the brink of extinction”. The remains of the Hasmonian castle have the largest water system of all Hasmonian forts, which can store thousands of cubic meters.

Dell Aroma site. Left edge: Creating a back seat. Photo: “Keeping Eternity”

About four years ago, the Palestinian Authority also began to break down a road that had hit ancient tanks. Placed on a mast mound with a large PLO flag from all over. Because this is another step in the destruction of this site that has already become a symbol in the eyes of the Palestinians.

About two years ago, an IDF-approved patrol was planned to take place in the area, but even before it took place and as a force against it, the Beta Village Council held its own rally, with the participation of PA ministers and officials, “to protect our Palestinian land and reduce our commitment and our rights. To deal with any attempts. “

In desperation it says that what is happening on the site of “preservation of eternity” is contrary to the Oslo Accords, because explicitly under the treaties, the PA must protect the traditional sites in these areas – instead – it is deliberately destroying it. “Against any logic or morality. We lose.”

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