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fille au ballon oeuvre Banksy
By Judith Zen Senex | Posted on 09/14/2021 at 7:16 PM | Updated on 09/14/2021 at 19:46

Little balloon girl, kissing cops, love in the airAt the Art of Banksy Exhibition at 50 Earlham Street in London, the artist is a well-known but faceless artist. The exhibition says it does not collaborate with the English street artist, but how can you be sure when it comes to Pansy, he can be the person who greets you at the entrance. All works submitted are on loan for this event, from private collections.

Banksy Mickey Ronald McDonald Enfont

The gallery aims to reclaim his career: from his early days as a simple graffiti artist on the streets of Bristol, to being globally recognized as an anti-consumer and anti-capitalist artist, he has been politically involved.

Located in the dark underground, this exhibition invites us to slalom in the universe of Pansy. The little mice painted on the walls are guides to this journey of the artist’s life and inspire us to discover many of his collaborations that are little known to the public. Among them were posters for the Greenpeace Society, but his work for the music label Wall of Sound, for which he produced several album covers.

Tower Palestinian Bank Poster

The exhibition reveals the taste of street artist provocation, absurdity and slander. It has uncovered many large-scale projects undertaken by Banksy to make fun of the art world and its overview. We were amazed to rediscover the time when he secretly created a theme park on a fake wooden board decorated with a prehistoric figure pushing a cart into the Tate Museum or an unused swimming pool.

Bank wooden wooden wardrobe shopping cart supermarket

For Banksy, power is only a scam full of evils and art, and the wider game allows it to be ridiculed and condemned. The environment of the gallery is full of mystery, challenge and rebellion. We advise you to find this incredible exhibition, because who knows, it will not be tomorrow …

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