Are WhatsApp files emptying your phone memory? Tips to prevent it!

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging processors in the world. Although WhatsApp is the default texting processor, this app allows you to share files, documents, photos, and videos with others. Photos and videos you send or receive will be automatically stored in your phone’s gallery via WhatsApp. This can cause your mobile MB to become empty without your knowledge.

This way you can save any other files when you need them. Fortunately, WhatsApp provides a way to avoid these unwanted photos, videos and documents being stored on your mobile. That means Android and iPhone users can disable WhatsApp Media from automatically downloading to their phone.

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How To Stop Automatically Downloading WhatsApp Photos And Videos On iPhone?

* Open WhatsApp Processor and go to Settings option.
* Click on the Storage and Data option.
* Then you can see the Media Auto-Download option for photos, audio, video and documents
* You can then change the function to ‘Never’ individually for each media.

Doing so will prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading media files shared with you. Similarly you can only view media files that you download manually in your gallery.

Also, if you do not want the downloaded photos to appear on your iPhone’s camera roll, follow the steps below:

* For this go to WhatsApp settings on your iPhone
* Click on the Chat option.
* Now, turn off the ‘Save to Camera Roll’ option.

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How To Stop Automatically Downloading WhatsApp Media Files On Android Phone?

* On your Android mobile WhatsAppOpen the Byte and go to Settings.
* Click on the Storage and Data option.
* Now you will see three options for downloading media files. I.e. ‘When using mobile data’, ‘When connecting to WiFi’, ‘When roaming’.
* Disable automatic downloads for all options Media- Images, Audio and Video.

Now, when a user in your WhatsApp contact shares a photo / audio / video with you, you can only download it manually if you want to watch it. However if you do not want these photos to appear in your phone’s gallery, follow the steps below.

* Open the Chat window in WhatsApp.
* Go to Settings and select the Chat option.
* Look at Media Visibility and turn it on.

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