A new five billion euros for renewable energy sources

A new five billion euros for renewable energy sources

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Sorana Mihajlovich, today said that the value of the projects of the new investment cycle is 17 billion euros, of which at least five billion will be for renewable energy sources.

At the conference on Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Mihajlovich pointed out that decarbonization and green energy are a generational issue and that collective action is needed in the process of energy conversion.

“We have begun the process of energy conversion through the framework. We need to be fast and efficient when it comes to decarbonisation, regardless of the resistance. All we ask is that we should import electricity – not true, ”the minister stressed.

Mihajlovic said that if Serbia slowly, gradually, moves towards replacing dirty power plants that use bad coal and has as many capabilities as possible using renewable resources, it could be a major factor in the electricity trade in this part of Europe.

He pointed out that the new legal framework has laid the foundation for the implementation of the new energy policy that will bring about economic growth and development.

“The issue of decarbonization is about health and the environment and people. It is immeasurable in both its potential and the opportunities it offers. It’s a new model of growth, a new industrial revolution. I’m talking about new investments, new green jobs,” Mihajlovich said.

He said laws and strategic documents are being prepared to determine the path Serbia should take in the coming decades in energy law.

“Our goal is to, by consensus with the citizens of Serbia, that by 2040 we have at least 40 percent of the energy derived from RES, and by 2050 we expect emissions of harmful gases to follow the EU’s average,” he said. Mikhajlovich pointed out.

Source: Tanjore

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