“The mysterious Havana syndrome has not been proven,” Cuban scientists say

"The mysterious Havana syndrome has not been proven," Cuban scientists say

The Havana Syndrome, a mysterious disease that has affected US diplomats in Cuba and elsewhere, has not been scientifically proven, a group of Cuban researchers has said.

“We conclude that the history of the mysterious syndrome is scientifically unacceptable in any of its components and that it did not survive. But only because of a one-sided application of science, ”say 16 researchers at the Cuban Academy of Sciences. (ACC) in an official statement posted on the Cubadpat website.

Experts insist on it Some scientific articles have accepted the attacks on American diplomats in Havana as “a theory” and theories are based on this idea. “However, four years after the first patient information was released, there was” no evidence of seizures, “they said.

Neither the Cuban police, nor the FBI, nor the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have found evidence of the attacks. Despite the full investigation against the diplomats in Havana, they insist.

U.S. diplomats serving in Cuba have been reporting various symptoms since 2016. More than 20 employees of the US Diplomatic Mission, their family members and Canadian diplomats fell victim to this “syndrome” from late 2016 to May 2018..

That year, a dozen U.S. diplomats in China showed similar symptoms. Cases have also been reported in Germany, Australia, Russia, Taiwan and Washington.

Diplomats reported dizziness, coordination and balance problems, involuntary eye movements, but also symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and “mental fog”.. Medical tests conducted on them revealed the presence of brain damage.

The Cuban government, which has been investigating the case, has repeatedly denied Washington’s allegations. The speculations followed each other. A report from the American Academy of Sciences attributed these symptoms In guided radio wave energy.

But ACC scientists insist that no known energy causes selective brain damage (with laser beam accuracy) In the circumstances described in the alleged events in Havana. “The ACC is ready to reconsider its findings if new evidence comes out,” the Cuban researchers concluded.

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