Makes it easy to change your default browser, bypassing the Firefox rules

If you want to switch to Firefox on Windows, Mozilla has made it easy to change your default browser with some unique reverse engineering. Mozilla’s new system allows you to change the default browser with a single click, rather than using Microsoft’s tricky, multi-step method.

Windows 10 default browsers

Making a web browser the default browser is no big deal until Windows 10 and its Microsoft Edge web browser arrives. Microsoft has made it difficult to change default programs, including the default browser, in Windows 10. By allowing you to change the default browser from within the system, Microsoft actually increases the chances of people staying on the Microsoft Edge.

Angered by Microsoft’s new policy, Mozilla has broken the rules to make it easier for users to change default browsers. Firefox 91 now allows you to change the default browser directly in the browserInstead of guiding users to the Windows Settings application. ” People want to set defaults simply and easily, but they do not. A Mozilla spokesman told The Verge.

How to make Mozilla Firefox the default browser in Windows 11?

With Mozilla’s method, you can change the default for Firefox from the browser in Windows 11. When you start the browser, you will be asked if you want to make Firefox the default browser. If you say yes, Firefox takes care of all the background work.

Microsoft does not support this type of “workaround” for third-party browsers and reserves this functionality for Edge. According to the American company, This decision is said to have been made to prevent malware from infecting browsers Set their programs as the default browser against the wishes of the users.

This is good news for users from a security perspective, but it is not Edge prevents competitors from being easily accepted by Internet users. Not everyone knows how to change the default browser in the new settings application redesigned with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

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