Hanoi police install cameras to scan motion notification codes on 23 doors

Hanoi police install cameras to scan motion notification codes on 23 doors

People passing through 23 gates to Hanoi will place their phones with a QR code image in front of a built-in camera for police to scan information.

Since September 14, cameras have been activated on 23 posts established by the Administration Administration Management (Ministry of Public Safety C06) in collaboration with the Hanoi Police. In the past, citizens who made medical notifications when passing through a checkpoint had to give the control officer a QR code to scan the code with the phone so it could cause congestion and easy cross-infection. Govit-19.

On the morning of September 14th, people scan QR codes at a pop van checkpoint. Photo: Nguyen Hieu.

According to a representative of the C06, the camera has an extension cord with the computer and it can hold a distance, thereby controlling close contact. The maximum distance between the camera and the QR scanner is 30 cm. People can put documents in front of the camera and view the documents when needed. Each scan is 2-5 seconds.

This system runs on the application site C06 on the website: kiemdich.dancuquocgia.gov.vn. After the scan, the machine will automatically verify the citizen’s information and documents.

To expedite the lock, C06 recommends that citizens install VNEID software and notify the home first to receive a QR code; When going out, you still need to bring all the necessary documents.

Earlier, C06 collaborated with Ho Chi Minh City Police to install 100 cameras to scan QR codes.

Today, out of 23 gate gates, Hanoi police controlled 9,786 vehicles and demanded 2,133 vehicles (1,531 turns did not enter the city, 602 turns did not leave the city). He was fined 12 cases for going out without good reason.

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Location 23 is the gateway to Hanoi.  Graphics: Tion's

Location 23 is the gateway to Hanoi. Graphics: Carried

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