Did the heirs of Montana, Favre, Manning, Elway, Marino win in the NFL?

Did the heirs of Montana, Favre, Manning, Elway, Marino win in the NFL?

Sacred work to replace Drew Breeze in New Orleans Saints. After 20 years in the NFL, including 15 in the Louisiana franchise, he ended his career as a quarterback with more passes and more yards. James Winston is the next hard worker. On Sunday, his first, former Tampa Bay player with the Saints completed his mission, throwing five touches. Also New Orleans corrected the Green Demon (38-3). Is that good for Winston? What exactly did the quarterbacks who changed the NFL myth do?


Joe Montana – Steve Young (San Francisco)

Before Tom Brady, Joe Montana was the best QB in NFL history. Led by the San Francisco 49ers, he has won the Super Bowl four times and has been named MVP three times. In 1990, an ugly deal sent him aside for almost two years. Steve Young (30) should replace him later.

The gigantic quarterback, the latter, however, plants since he arrived in the NFL. Young are not going to miss the opportunity to shine. The All-Star Game of American Football has called up Pro Bowl and he has eight consecutive seasons. After all, he was twice elected NFL MVP and won the Super Bowl in 1995.

Brett Favreau – Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)

In 2008, after 16 years with the Green Bay Packers, Brad Favre announced his retirement from the game (although he changed his mind and signed for the New York Jets). As a substitute for three seasons, Aaron Rodgers (25) comes after him. And immediately, it works.

Rodgers crossed 4000 yards in his first year. The following season, he moved to Pro Bowl. Then, in 2011, he allowed the Packers to win the fourth Super Bowl in their history. Aaron Rodgers did not slow down after that. The three MVP titles won in 2011, 2014 and 2020 are proof.

Beyton Manning – Andrew Luck (Indianapolis)

Since 1998, Beaton has had 13 dream seasons at Manning Golds. Highlights: Won one Super Bowl and four MVP titles. But, in 2011, due to two neck surgeries, he did not play a single game. Indianapolis decides to rebuild the team. Golds sends draft Andrew Luck (23) and Manning to Denver.

Luck, who was defeated by injury, played only seven years in the NFL. But, during this period, he took over from Betten Manning and was selected four times for the Pro Bowl. This is the number he took to the playoffs in Indianapolis. Also, in 2014, he became No. 1 in the NFL with 40 touchdowns.

An average heir

John Elway – Brian Greece (Denver)

John Elway won his second consecutive Super Bowl in 1999 and ended his 16-season career, all playing with the Broncos. Instead, they choose teammate Brian Grease (24), quarterback n ° 3. A year after the change, Denver saw a good season 2000, which allowed it to reach the playoffs. Greece was selected for the Pro Bowl. But neither he nor Francoso have confirmed that, after two fair seasons, Brian Greece will shift to Miami, replacing the Denver quarters.

Don Marino – Jay Fitler (Miami)

In 2000, an NFL legend left: Don Marino, a genius who passed away before his time, ended his 17-season career with the Miami Dolphins. Jay Fitler, 29, comes after him after waxing the edges of Philadelphia, Minnesota and Jacksonville. Holder for four years, Feitler will only reach the 20 Touch Down Mark once. But he will qualify to take the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first two seasons. In 2005, Jay Feitler moved to the New York Jets, where he played a bit, and then ended his career.

Kurt Warner – Mark Bulger (St. Louis)

For two seasons, Kurt Warner led the NFL with the St. Louis Rams between 1999 and 2002, winning one Super Bowl (and another final) and two MVP titles. The power outage and two injuries to one hand put an end to the great adventure two years later. Mark Pulker, 26, who has played so far, will succeed him and lead the Rams for seven years. He will release four good seasons, before he ended his career in 2009, winning the Pro Bowl twice for him.

On check

Troy Aigman – Quincy Carter (Dallas)

Troy Aigman left the NFL in 2000, winning the Super Bowl three times with the Cowboys. Quincy Carter (24), now drafted, will replace him. His first matches were respectable. But, the following year, Carter lost his place. In 2003, he allowed Dallas to find the playoffs. But the Cowboys didn’t have it. A good player, Quincy Carter struggles to cope with stress. He signed for the New York Jets, but failed to secure a starting position, ending his career a year later.

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