YouTube discovers a mysterious, suspicious alien site

YouTube discovers a mysterious, suspicious alien site


At the center is a strange structure of three spherical objects connected by a triangular center unlike any previously recorded military bases.

YouTube discovers a mysterious, suspicious alien site - 1

Strange structure suspected to be the center of an alien UFO found at the North Pole. Photo by Daily Star.

According to a content recently released by the Daily Star, YouTube’s Mr. MPMP333 has discovered an image of a strange structure based on the 3D image simulation feature of Google Maps called Google Earth.

The system appeared mysteriously on a snow-covered island in the Arctic, about 100 m long, unlike any previously recorded military base.

The unusual thing about this structure is that the three white spheres are similar to the unidentified flying object encountered by U.S. Navy pilots, the “UFO Tic Tac Toe” reported by Dailystar.

According to Mr.MBB333, these three spherical objects seem to be connected to a triangular center at the center, which looks like a full alien fuel charging center.

“Spherical objects remind me of UFOs seen by the US Navy. They are similar in shape and white … It is reminiscent of UFOs discovered by US Navy pilots. Is this a place for UFOs to land and refuel?” Mr. MBMP 333 shared on his YouTube channel.

In the comments section, there were some who supported the “conspiracy theory” in the view that it might be a mysterious alien site.

However, some YouTube viewers have suggested that this may be the Russian air base known as the Arctic Trefoil Base in the French Joseph Islands.

Accordingly, the above triangular structure may have been built to help people cope with the extreme cold in the Arctic. In addition, the buildings that appear next to the structure above do not look unusual.

The YouTube channel Mr. MPPP333 is the most famous address, which has published many image and video sources related to the origin of aliens or mysterious creatures on Earth. However, most of these YouTuber arguments are still controversial and there is no verifiable scientific evidence.

A few months ago, this account shared a picture of a strange creature in the middle of an arid valley, and suggested that it might be an old dinosaur. However, many viewers thought it was an exaggerated label.

Earlier, in 2019, YouTube claimed to have discovered an ancient giant 9 feet (about 2.74 m) tall in a photo taken near the pyramids of Giza. But then, this hypothesis was rejected with many questions raised about the angle of the photo.

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