To the starting country, “Going to the next level depends on the attractiveness of the talent”

To the starting country, "Going to the next level depends on the attractiveness of the talent"

Emmanuel Macron was the target two years ago. ” At least 25 French unicorns by 2025, more than 25 start-ups worth over a billion euros. This summer, the leader of the “Start-up Nation” – according to his campaign slogan “Push a Generation” As an entrepreneur – 25 had already stated that this was the purpose Will be greatly violated “The Gulf was placed by the French start-up environment.” L’Obs “Wanted to learn more, at the time of Maya Noel’s appointment as the new General Manager of the French Digital Association, which represents more than 2,000 start-ups in Europe, and co-founded with Frederick Massella as co-founder and co-founder of the association Cross-interview.

Representatives of the French Digital Association, Frederick Massella and Maya Noel are at the center on the steps of the Elysee.

A year before the presidential election, would you say that Emmanuel Macron succeeded in his mission to transform France into a “start-up nation”?

Maya Knoll: This concept of “start-up nation” is being used more and more now and I don’t know if it really is an end in itself. Yes, the French start-up environment has grown tremendously in recent years, but still has a long way to go. This is the whole mission of our association: to support the development of digital players so that they can compete on an equal footing with American and Chinese competitors.

Frederick Masella: The

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