The Yankees are the masters of their destiny

The Yankees are the masters of their destiny

We have to admit that the 2021 edition of the Yankees is a streak team. This, in both directions. After an incredible 13-game win in August, seven consecutive defeats came to ruin everything starting September.

To inflict even more damage, four setbacks came against Jayce, which destroyed the cushion he had previously won in the best runner-up fight. After winning the Mets yesterday, New York is now on par with Toronto.

The three weeks on the calendar are thrilling. The Yankees clearly have an advantage over Jayce when it comes to enemies. They will not blame anyone else if they fail to make progress.

After the Mets on Sunday night, there will be a game against the duo, followed by three against Oriole and two against the Indians and Rangers. Since those two teams did not come close to the series level, the Yangs had to win most of these fights.

The Blue Jays, for their part, have a meet for six games simultaneously with the Rays and the duo. We can already anticipate the significance of the series between the Yankees and the Jays that will continue these two important weeks.

Aaron Boone’s men should have been slightly ahead of Toronto before this September 28-30 clash. They will need other great shows like yesterday’s Aaron Judge and Crime to make up for the mortgaged bitch staff.

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