In London, brilliant rent

In London, brilliant rent

Rental prices have fallen in the British capital due to the health crisis, while other parts of the country have sometimes recorded spectacular increases.

The decline in rents, which began at the beginning of the health crisis, continues in the British capital, but is no longer at the same pace as at the beginning of the year. Report Defender According to data collected by the Jubla site, he specializes in real estate.

Rents in London are falling further following the departure of many tenants for a new life in the suburbs or countryside. But as offices and shops reopened, demand began to increase again. On an annual basis, rents fell only 3.8% in July after falling nearly 10% last February.

Elsewhere in the UK, rents are rising

Elsewhere in the country, on the other hand, rental prices have risen by an average of 5% a year, with spectacular peaks + 25% in some areas. “In the Cotswolds [sud-ouest de l’Angleterre]We recently rented a house for 3,750 [4 366 euros] Per month, the previous rent was not more than 200 2,200 [2 560 euros]. Another hired 5,500 [6 400 euros], Against 4,100 [4 772 euros] Before “, Invented a real estate agent.

According to Jubla, the average rent in the UK (outside London) is 90 790 (or 20 920), up from 2 752 (75 875) a year ago. That means tenants pay an average of 6 456 (1 531) More than a year “.


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