I mortgaged how to use and how to work

I mortgaged how to use and how to work

It is necessary to secure the keys

For everything to work properly, we need to protect the safety of our equipment. We can be whenever we connect to the network Attacking victims, As we have mentioned. This can affect our own privacy and expose personal data.

Especially if we talk Passwords We need to do maximum security properly. It is a mistake to use simple passwords that do not have adequate security measures. This will allow an imaginary attacker to enter and steal profitable information.

So we can say that Protect passwords That would be the most important one. It is in our hands to create a key that is strong and complex. It must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other symbols. All of this in a random way and it has to be unique.

However, at any given time we may face problems that are not solely dependent on us. The social network we have registered with or the bank account we are paying for may have some kind of leak. User data may be disclosed on the network and may include passwords. That’s where an online tool like the one I have in advance comes into operation.

How do I keep a mortgage

We can say that Am I being mortgaged? It acts as a database where users can check if their personal data has been leaked online. In addition to checking if our access codes have been stolen, email addresses, names, phone numbers …

Today is ours Personal information They can be used for a variety of purposes. They may add us to spam campaigns, personalized phishing attacks and learn some information about victims in many ways.

This service is responsible for showing any leaks in the network. For example, let’s say one Database A streaming video site has been attacked or compromised and all of this has been made public on the Internet. User passwords, email, etc. can be accessed by anyone. What I supported is that the database indicates to that user that their email or password may have been leaked.

So we can say that from the very beginning this web service was created for the purpose of users to see if their information has been leaked. When a problem appears on a social network or any of the services we use, we can determine if we are one of the affected users.

Tips to protect the security of the system

Users can receive notifications

Keep in mind that I can not enter only if I have a mortgage Email or password Leaked. If we are affected by this problem, we also have the opportunity to register a warning, the option to start an alert.

It is important to be vigilant at all times and to know that our accounts have been compromised. As we mentioned, not everything depends on us depending on how well we protect our equipment or the access code we choose; In many cases vulnerabilities arise that reveal that data.

Continuous monitoring

We should also mention that many databases and leaks were first reported to those responsible for the site, before it became publicly known and even before it was used by hackers, and that it was linked to sites such as How I Pvt.

This means that by using these types of services and registering to receive notifications, we can Change Password Or solve the problem before it is too late and we may fall victim to a cyber attack using our information.

My goal is to act quickly

Undoubtedly, the main purpose of my confirmation is that it can be used by users who are vulnerable to security breaches. Act quickly. We specifically talk about passwords and their potential filtering so that third-party accounts can be accessed.

If we know we are under attack, we can quickly choose to change the access code for the newcomer. If an attacker accesses the leaked database, they will find that the password no longer works. For this reason it is important to be cautious and create new keys as soon as possible.

I have used

The mortgage I have is very easy to use. The first thing we need to do is your input Webpage There we will meet Different options. First a screen will appear where we will see a bar to put email or phone number.

I have used

This will help determine if our address or phone number has been compromised. They may be part of it Database It leaked due to an error in a service or platform that we have registered.

We can also find out about our passwords. To do this we need to click on the Passwords section at the top, in the menu. The function is correct: we need to put the password, whatever it is, “pwned?” It will automatically tell us if the password is secure or leaked.

Check if the password has been leaked

In our case, for example, we have the password “123456”, which is logically very transparent and not a secure password. It says it has leaked several times and recommends replacing it as soon as possible. If the password is secure, a green message will appear indicating that it has not been revealed.

Therefore, it is an interesting online service that we can use day by day to improve security. Helps detect if our passwords and personal data have been leaked online.

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