Tune Toronto impresses on North American premiere

Tune Toronto impresses on North American premiere

A week after causing a stir at the Venice Film Festival, Denise Villeneuve was welcomed as King on Saturday at the Toronto Film Festival, where she was highly anticipated at the North American premiere she delivered. Hill. Our verdict? An excellent epic and brilliant painting skillfully carried out by a Quebec filmmaker.

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Denise Villeneuve won her race.

This is the first observation that comes to mind after seeing his dazzling adaptation Hill, The famous science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, published in 1965.

It is, however, a jaw-dropping project, often called Herbert’s book irrelevant, as evidenced by the disappointing 1984 edition produced by David Lynch.

Now, Villeneuve, a great fan Hill From his childhood, he was able to derive high-level entertainment from it, which relied on the richness and complexity of the universe created by Herbert.

There is no chance left in this epic epic that lasts more than 2 hours and 35 minutes without appearing for long.

The majestic sandy landscapes of the planet Arachnid are hard to surprise.

At the other end of the spectrum, the dark and terrifying universe of House Harkonan (the enemy clan of the Audrey family) bleeds. Some of the action scenes are breathtakingly intense.


Although his film is visually appealing, Villenov does not ignore the psychology of the characters.

The young hero of the film, Paul Arthritis, embodies the sensitivity of Timothy Solomon, much like his mother Dame Jessica, who was camped by the great Rebecca Ferguson.

In fact, this is the biggest flaw we can blame Hill Drop the viewer in the middle of the story. This is because Villeneuve approached his film as the first part of a diptych. Hence its official title: Hill – Part 1.

However, Warner Studios is waiting to evaluate the theatrical success of this first episode before giving the green light to the next episode. We must pray that we will see the light at the end of this series.

A gift to Villanueva

Denise Villanueva, who has been on a global advertising tour, has been walking from one red carpet to another since its inception. Hill To Venice.

Saturday morning, Director Blade Runner 2049 And Visit At the Toronto Film Festival Tribute Awards, Benedict shared the stage with Cumberbatch and Jessica Chastain. Villeneuve received the TIFF Ebert Director Award, an annual award for a director who stands out for his contribution to cinema.

Surprisingly, Villeneuve was asked about the future of theatrical cinema, an issue close to his heart.

“This is a difficult time for theaters [à cause de la pandémie]But I deeply believe that the future of cinema lies on the big screen, the Quebec filmmaker responded without hesitation. I believe we as human beings need this. ”

  • Hill Screening in Quebec on October 22nd.

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