Sebastian Hurtado, Colombian mathematician, is the recipient of some of the world’s greatest awards.

Sebastian Hurtado, Colombian mathematician, is the recipient of some of the world's greatest awards.
Sebastian Hertado is a mathematician at Columbia’s National University, graduating with a master’s degree in pure and applied mathematics from Rio de Janeiro, and received a doctorate from Berkeley University in California, where he studied symmetry. Photo: Private file.

According to the information published by the Mathematics Breakthrough Prize Page, the first Colombian Sebastian Hertado Salazar was one of the most important mathematicians in the world. After researching the Zimmer conjecture, after receiving the prize in the New Horizons Prize 2022 category in mathematics, he gave a significant breakthrough to solvable and modern mathematics, from which he approaches a list listed as a theorem.

Hurtado studied pure mathematics at the National University and later earned a master’s degree from the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a doctorate from the University of Berkeley in the United States. A few years ago he decided to dedicate most of his academic life to studying Zimmer guessing, a subject he had been interested in since symmetrical reading. Although this study kept him busy for a long time, even throughout his life, he was able to solve it sooner than expected because, with the joint work of two other scientists, Federico Rodriguez Hertz (Argentina) and Giren Wang, they were able to find a solution.

Sebastian Hurtado, Colombian mathematician, is the recipient of some of the world's greatest awards.
Sebastian Hurtado, Colombian mathematician, is the recipient of some of the world’s greatest awards.

Colombian is currently a professor at the University of Chicago He achieved this recognition after being part of a team of scientists who were able to prove Zimmer’s conjecture, a complex problem related to the symmetry of geometric objects occurring in five dimensions that has not been solved for more than 30 years.

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According to Columbia, in the 70s and 80s, Professor Robert Zimmer (current head of the University of Chicago) abandoned mathematical research, which relates to situations where geometric spaces reveal certain types of symmetry. Was able to solve.

In an interview with FM, he pointed out that it may be easier for some Colombians to describe the work they have done, while for others it may be more complicated because he depends on knowledge. Similarly, there are many prejudices around people who study mathematics, which, as he predicts, often intimidates young people to provide an opportunity to explore the world of mathematics.

“I live in Chicago. It’s hard to explain Zimmer’s guess. My parents never asked me. It depends on the person’s level of understanding, it can take five minutes or several days,” he said, adding that mathematicians have all sorts of personalities. “There are people in everything. , Crazy. I do not want to pierce the pigeon myself ”, The young man revealed that he did not reveal his tastes or intimate life.

In an interview with NewspaperColombian mathematician This achievement is one of the greatest in the world of mathematics, because it is a complex problem, “But to say that this is one of the exaggerated achievements in mathematics is to exaggerate a lot of things. Mathematics is very popular. People outside the world of mathematics.”Hardado explained.

When asked how his life changed after settling the speculation, Sebastian replied: “For me as a mathematician, I need to realize that I’m involved in problem solving because sometimes you do a lot of work with them, but you never know whether they will work or not; I’m a little lucky, and I’m grateful for that.”

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