NRL – Jordan Mylata signs biggest NFL deal – Rugby League

NRL - Jordan Mylata signs biggest NFL deal - Rugby League

Considered an NRL opportunity after his service at Bulldogs and Rapidos, Jordan Mylata won the NFL.

Jordan Mayilatta fulfilled his dream of winning the NFL against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. The man who signed a four-year deal for $ 64 million no longer considers himself a former rugby player and brings this up at the press conference. In fact, the player does not want us to bring him back to his former rugby career where he has been working to integrate the highest level in American football since 2018. It is a question of respect for Mylatha who no longer wants people to think of the old belief that she gave up everything without thinking much. Jordan Mylata played 15 NFL games in 2020, so starting at 10. He earned his place in the Eagles attack line for the new season that begins and signed his contract. Unlike others with less success, such as Jared Hein or Valentine Holmes, he certainly put an end to XIII and the NRL.

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