North America invented the "Tune" and its director is already dreaming of a sequel

North America invented the “Tune” and its director is already dreaming of a sequel

Discovered North America "Hill", Its director is already dreaming of a sequel

At the Toronto Film Festival, Canadian Denise Villeneuve was able to fulfill one of her dreams on Saturday for the “Tune” adaptation: a project and immersion on the big screen, which was “the perfect way to see the movie”.

The film, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival last week, is based on a masterpiece of science fiction literature that so far no adaptation really believes.

“You get all the power of landscapes, and at the same time this is the best way to stay close to the characters,” explains Denise Villeneuve.

The Canadian director of “Chicario”, “Premier Contact” or “Blade Runner 2049” chose the star cast for the presentation: Timothy Solmet, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bartem or Gentia.

Denise Villanuev was critical of the dual release decision in North America on October 22, via HBO Max on the cinema and small screen, the streaming platform of the American company Warnermedia.

The decision was announced in the midst of an epidemic, when theaters were not yet open, “love for cinema or love for the public” was not respected.

His fear is that this will affect the film’s box office performance and ruin its sequel.

The film only captures the plot of the first part of Frank Herbert’s first book. In this saga, the tribes and powerful are a combination of controlling the spice after our era, prolonging life, providing prophetic powers and directing space travel.

Denise Villeneuve said on Saturday it would be “fantastic” if there was a sequel to the Toronto red carpet. “I’m just laid the groundwork – the world is now explained to the audience. + Tune Two + will be pure cinematic pleasure for me.”

Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Lady Jessica, the royal reunion, said she knew nothing about a possible sequel, but was dreaming about it.

“Did he write it? I don’t know. I believe so,” he told AFP. “Unless he stops someone else,” he adds.

In the first six volumes of the “Tune” cycle, Frank Herbert laid the groundwork for the “Space Opera” in 1965, which would become a major work of science fiction with considerable influence, especially in Star Wars.

Simultaneous possession of Greek tragedy, biblical mythology and the medieval epic “Tune” was cut to cinema. However, it also broke the teeth of many directors, dragging the reputation of the accursed film into reputation. The 1984 adaptation of the famous David Lynch was a commercial failure.

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