McDonald’s: A restaurant denies a woman access to the toilet!

McDonald’s: un restau refuse l’accès aux toilettes à une fillette !

McDonald’s caused a stir on the internet after a little girl was denied access to the toilet. The subject is controversial.

Big bad noise for McDonald’s ! Popular fast food is once again controversial After a little girl on the web refused to access the toilet. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s No. 1 fast food restaurant

Launched in the 1940s, McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world today. In fact, the brand is calculated today More than 37,000 companies worldwide.

A considerable number then demonstrate his position as a leader in the field. At least what we can say is that even the health crisis will not have an impact Victory of the Burger King.

This, despite being closed during the prison. The reason? The American company continued Home supplies and drivers.

Two services for those who like Big Max and other sandwiches Continue to taste their favorite products.

However, despite this global success, McDonald is sometimes seen in many controversies. Yes! Fast food is great stuff Many dark stories.

Last May, the owner was accused of pretending to want to invest in the fight against feminism. In fact, Leah Lijun, the journalist of the magazine Challenges Lamented This procedure “Feminism Washing.”

According to her, the chain and many other companies “Glad to see the law …Nothing exceptionalNot only that!

Not only did it create a buzz in the matter, but the brand also seems to have been there At the center of another issue. One that particularly touches on racism.

A situation that keeps the company in a smooth position. But when she tries to regain her image, A new story has now caused a stir On the Internet. MCE TV tells you more!

A new controversy for the owner

In Grimsby, England, a mother dared Have access to the toilet without ordering. This, to his little girl.

In fact, the woman unfortunately could no longer tolerate it Have to go to the toilet. But Bernie Henderson never doubted that McDonald’s would deny it!

Very angry, she did not hesitate to contact the regional newspaper. Facts prior to September 4, 2021. Even more shocked, she said: How can they refuse to use a little girl’s toilet?

Yes! This seems unbelievable. In an interview with GrimsbyLive, he added that he had the opportunity after the incident Chat with the restaurant manager.

The latter was very quick Excuse With mother. According to him, he even raised the suspensions of his team so that such an incident would not happen again.

The fastest sounding story on the web. Anyway, one thing is for sure, McDonald’s is back Lose points with some consumers.

Also, the girl’s mother saidShe will never set foot on fast food again.