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VoltaliaA French company specializing in renewable energy is building a wind farm in the state of Bahia, Brazil, where the Lears Macau, an endangered parrot lives. As a world conferenceUICN In Marseille, the LPO joins its US counterpart from the alliance Bird Life International, American Bird Conservation, Requesting the correction of the plan and the restoration of already destroyed habitats.

learsmacawsflight straws 5.2019 Credit DanlebinAras de Lear © Don Lebin

Forty years ago, less than 100 Lear Meccas in the world lived in the wild. This blue parrot is only considered a unique species in northeastern BrazilAra Hayasinde Since 1978. Thanks to the important security efforts made at the local level by Brazilian organizations Biodiversity Foundation, This blue parrot native to northeastern Brazil is home to nearly 2,000 individuals today. But this population is so weak that it is threatened by poaching and the destruction of its natural habitat.

Natural loan DanlebinThe landscape around the canyon © Don Lebin

The CANUDOS wind farm project was carried out on site by a French company Voltalia Reveals them as an addition Risk of a dangerous collision with the blades of dozens of wind turbines 90 meters high, Is scheduled to enter service in 2022. Lear’s macaws fly in groups at high speeds, above ground, active in low light, dawn and dusk. It is a long-lived but slow-breeding species, so even the loss of an individual is a serious problem that can affect the survival of the species.

The diagram below illustrates the nest and moving areas of Mecca associated with the proposed wind farm project.


On July 19, the The Bahia state prosecutor’s office demanded the suspension The process of granting permission at the beginning of the project initially did not comply with environmental law and informed Valdalia of the need to suspend construction work until the environmental impact was reported. These results are encouraging, but there are fears that a summary impact study will eventually be adopted or this requirement will be avoided to allow this destructive plan to continue.

French State Partner

Meanwhile, Voltalia has already devastated the site of its vegetation, destroying the valuable habitat of Lears Mecca. If the majority shareholder of Voltalia Mulleys Group (Auchan, Décathlon, Norauto, etc.), including other shareholders Proberco (Subsidiary of the French Development Agency, the French government) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERDHowever, they accepted strict guarantees to protect internationally recognized areas for their value in terms of biodiversity. However, the area where the Lears Meccas live is well recognized by many security organizations as of global importance.Alliance for Zero Destruction And this The main biodiversity area joint, International References in Biology.

Strauss 1 Side Bahia 16 7 21 JardinstarradelierDestruction of forest habitat at the site

On August 31, more than 70 local groups joined A.C. Letter Describes the damage already done and refers to the installation of wind farms. ” Affecting local flora and fauna and affecting the livelihoods of many traditional communities “.A Petition And collected more than 70,000 signatures, useless.

LPO President Allen Buchrine to Dubork: ” The development of renewable energy is essential to combat climate change, but should not exclude biodiversity from being taken into account and participate less in its decline .

To Mike Barr, American Bird Conservation Leader: ” It is dangerous and irresponsible to build giant wind turbines in such an important area and start destroying the only habitat of endangered species. The project should be canceled immediately as planned and the environment restored .

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