The union continues to collapse! – Less than 20 percent in an election poll for the first time – Politics

The union continues to collapse!  - Less than 20 percent in an election poll for the first time - Politics

The next shocking news for CDU boss and presidential candidate Armin Lashett (60)!

Only 19 percent of Germans will vote for the union (minus two points compared to the previous week).

This resulted in a current one Poll By the Force for RTL / ntv.

This is the lowest value set by a company for a union at the federal level since 1949.

SPD comes in at 25 percent.

If there are general elections on Sunday, the FDP will get 13 percent of the vote and the Left six.

Ens ︎ Greens 17 percent, other parties 9 percent.

Eleven percent will vote for AfD.

How is the growth?

SPD can improve its value by two percentage points. At 25 per cent, it is now six per cent ahead of the Union and eight per cent ahead of the Greens, whose value has fallen by one per cent. FDP increases by one percent. The values ​​of the other parties remain unchanged.

None of the other smaller parties reached 3 percent.

At 22 percent, the proportion of non-voters and undecided is slightly lower than the proportion of those who did not vote in the 2017 federal election (23.8 percent at the time).

Lashet also slipped into the chancellor’s question

When the chancellor comes into question, Union candidate Armin Lashett falls below the ten percent mark.

Only nine percent (minus two) of those surveyed will choose a CDU boss if they can directly elect their principal.

Olaf Scholes (SPD) comes in at 30 percent (plus one) approval, while Annalena Barbach (Green) is at 15 percent.

Forty-six percent of those surveyed would not choose any of the three applicants.

How many orders will the parties have?

In the Bundestack (796 members), 87 members are older than 2017 and due to compensation orders, Union with 169 members only (77 less than in 2017), at the same time SPD with 218 members Will be specified in the Bundestack.

The Greens will be at 148, The 113 with FDP, The 96 with AfD And this Left at 52 Representatives in the Bundestack.

Greens can send 81 MPs, FTP 33 MPs, SPD 65 MPs and FD two more MPs than in 2017. Other parties will have fewer members in the Bundestack than in 2017.

Which alliances are possible?

The ruling majority (399 seats) currently has only three party alliances:

Union கூட்டணி Coalition like Union, Greens and FDP (430 orders),

Union the Union, SPD and FDP (500 Commandments) Alliance,

D SP SPD, Green and FDP (479 seats) alliance

D the SPD, Green and Left Alliance (418 seats).

No majority will continue with the SPD and CDU / CSU (387 seats) alliance. Neither a red-green government (366 seats) nor the CDU / CSU and FDP (282 seats) will have a majority.

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