Samsung launches regional campaign #TeamUnstoppable calls on General Z to express their inspiration

Samsung launches regional campaign #TeamUnstoppable calls on General Z to express their inspiration
Samsung launches regional campaign #TeamUnstoppable General Z invites to express their inspiration is ready to send the spirit #what do you want to do
  • Samsung sends ‘Chart Sanbury’ to represent Thailand Invite new generations to share stories. ‘Forward without stopping’ to beat Galaxy Z Fold 3

Innovation should be used to provide inspiration from Samsung’s mission. Ready to create a new future for the people of the planet, the brand recently launched a regional campaign called #TeamUnstoppable. We will share the story of General Z moving forward without stopping as a platform for youth and millennials in Southeast Asia. We need to send the spirit to encourage everyone to overcome all obstacles to pursue their dreams.

Samsung began to provide inspiration. The release of the main campaign film # The Team Can’t Be Stopped tells the story of the first experiences of a new generation of delegates from 5 countries: Chart Sunbury of Thailand, Mohammed Imran Akhil of Malaysia, Margillin Thidal of the Philippines, Op Julian Lu and Trong Mi Ang of Singapore. In Vietnam, everyone is fighting wholeheartedly to pursue their dreams until they succeed. The film is also part of the campaign. #Lambaipatasmu It also sends courage to young people in Indonesia

Oliver Bockenmeier Corporate Marketing Head, Samsung Electronics “Southeast Asia has a new generation of creative minds. They are ready to challenge the old framework. Proficient in harnessing the power of social media.

“Samsung is proud to promote the next generation and hope to inspire young people in Southeast Asia to do good things by improving technology and innovative products to improve lifestyles and create a powerful positive change in the region. It provides success stories of generational representatives who are ready to send the spirit to inspire others. Come and share your courage, effort, and creativity stories and overcome obstacles together through this campaign, “Oliver added.

The main image of the campaign is the selection and sequencing of the captains ’stories. Do what others say is impossible that reflects the spirit and share the inspiration to get out of your comfort zones to cross social boundaries in different situations.

Meet the stories of inspiring captains from 5 countries.

  • Chart Sanbury, Thailand Representative content creators and entrepreneurs choose to move forward, learn and continue to grow themselves without giving up barriers.
  • Mohammed Imran Akhil, Malaysia Representative Content creators and social activists working in anti-bullying efforts. Should inspire to change society for the better
  • Markleen Stadium, Philippines Representative Professional Skateboarder The winner of the Socio-Economic Rules on Gender and Occupational Safety has returned to the country proud to win the 2018 Asian Games.
  • Jacob Julian Lew, a representative dancer and dancer from Singapore, found that it transcends the insults of others and that dancing is right for him.
  • Trung Mi Aung, a singer representing Vietnam, faced his insecurity. It is with the love of singing and the support of the people around you that overcome fear and level awareness.

Join to send the story moving forward without stopping. # Unstoppable Thailand by the team

Samsung is ready to expand from the Thailand campaign. #TeamUnstoppable on September 7, 2021 by releasing a film by Thai delegates to present Chart Sanbury’s story and his perspective on life and business. The story of moving forward is not just the story of Chart Sunbury as the mother must be willing to overcome obstacles in their way to encourage young people. Because everyone can be a part of spreading the spirit to inspire others. So Samsung General Z invites people to share how to move forward or overcome difficult times without stopping. Ready to tell tips that will help you face the challenge to the edge of your dreams Continue with the #TikTok app # Upload a video on your own TikTok. And set up for the general public is ready to encourage all those who are fighting for their dreams in the face of obstacles to provide more progressive power to the wider audience.

This is not the only special. For those who share stories moving forward, do not stop with the challenge # Continue using Dictoc between September 7 – October 3, 2021 Opportunity to win the 57,900 bot Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Special Prize. Winners of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G, valued at 34,900 baht for 1 prize and 2 runner-up prizes, will be announced on October 11, 2021.

Stay tuned for more campaign information. Details of the #Team Unstoppable and Participation in the Challenge will continue at #GaoGao or

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