London demands renegotiation of Northern Irish ethics

London demands renegotiation of Northern Irish ethics

Story – The government of Boris Johnson considers the customs environment created by Brexit in Northern Ireland to be unacceptable.


The British executive was due to present a plan on Wednesday to resolve the crisis following the implementation of the Northern Irish Protocol. Brexit 1There is Last January. In fact, there are some plans to submit to the EU in London. These are mainly the demands of Brexit Minister David Frost and the MinisterNorthern IrelandBrandon Lewis spoke during his respective speeches before the Parliament of Westminster. “We can’t continue like this”, Lord Frost, spoke at the House of Lords.

Northern Irish protocol was used “In good faith” By London, but it is a “Load” It is disrupting the lives and economic activities of the people of Northern Ireland, beating Brexit’s foreign minister and former negotiator. “200 suppliers decide not to supply Northern Ireland anymore”, He insisted.

As expected, the limit

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