Jeff Bezos is funding a company that wants to extend human life

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Wealthy bossAmazon Obviously I want to fight aging. In fact, according to some media reports, Jeff Bezos He would have invested millions of euros in a company that specializes “The Reverse of Aging”. He will have an alliance with the Russian billionaire. Yuri Milner To support the baptized community Higher laboratories.

Nearly 270 million euros in funding

According to the American media, we are retaining Stunned The company has succeeded in raising nearly 270 million euros within the framework of the growth of its operations. The startup is owned by a Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka. He is best known for his work on the genetic reproduction of cells. According to the information about the activities of the baptized community this technique is important for immortality or eternal life. Higher laboratories.

The Japanese scientist’s organization is not the only one interested in this technology, which has the potential to extend the life of the landscape. The only difference is the company Shinya Yamanaka Would have succeeded in attracting many donors to continue its operations.

Many scientists have been appointed

Many eminent scientists have already been appointed Higher laboratories In order to follow its functions. Among other things, we notice his presence in the group Juan Carlos Ispecia Belmont. The latter is known to have conducted research on the creation of a human and porcine chimera. He is also credited with his research on modifying cell aging.

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