Hope to return to school in London

Hope to return to school in London

12.4 million students in France began their school year this Thursday, September 2nd. MinistryEducation Allows all students to receive in person. But since elementary school, they have to wear masks at home. New this year: Middle and high schools will contribute to the vaccination campaign against Covid 19 from the beginning of the school year, which will be open to those over 12 years of age.

What about French schools in the UK? We wanted to question those in charge of the education community.

New school in Hampstead

Co-founder of Olivier Bertin School ” The Little Stars“. We met him.

During the epidemics, many families left London to settle in the countryside or provinces. Some families left the UK following Brexit. I read that there are almost 20% fewer children in London. Despite this unfavorable environment, Les Petitz Etoile is very quietly approaching the start of the school year. The teaching teams of our three nurseries and nursery schools are complete and functioning. Regarding the number of children: We are fully booked on Crouch Hill and there are 2 places in Tufnell Park (north London). Les Petites Etoiles West Hampstead opens its doors on September 6 after 3 months of work. School is awesome! There is a 2-day place in the kids class and some places in the “kids” class. The solid reputation of Les Petites Etoiles allows us to go back to school by 2021, which promises to be especially good.

Olivier Bertin, Chosen Consular Officer and Founder of “Les Petitz Etoile”

Lesfrancais.press: What will be the health measures for this new school?

“The UK government will no longer impose specific measures on schools, but we are closely monitoring improvements. .We will definitely have good habits and maintain hygiene practices (such as hand washing, frequent cleaning of toys) “

Olivier Bertin, Chosen Consular Officer and Founder of “Les Petitz Etoile”

At London International School

For Ad Pace, Marketing Coordinator / EAEIFA International School, The start of the school year is September 3rd.

“We have 40 different national races, so there are regular movements here. Departures and arrivals are undoubtedly linked to Brexit. There have been changes to the teachers as well.

Off Bessier, Marketing Coordinator / EA at EIFA International School

Students and staff were tested at EIFA

Ad Bezier also explains that children are tested twice a week.

We have 300 people in two buildings. We have a bubble system, so if a student tests positive, we do not have to close the whole school. We will only close the class.

Off Bessier, Marketing Coordinator / EA at EIFA International School

On the British network

Nadia, who works at two British public high schools, explains that she has foreign children, some of whom are French.

“The start of the school year is Thursday, September 2, 2021. All children will be tested on Tuesday by the class and the” Form “team. The other start is Friday, September 3, 2021, the first year (the 6th year in France) and the remaining Monday, September 6, 2021, all Wednesday will be tested as a group. Everyone’s face to face. More isolation to the class if there is a case in class. All extracurricular activities are included. No more bubbles. “

Nadia, Public Education Administrative Manager

International Lycee at the quiet Winston Church in London

Chief, Mireille Rabaté, from London International High School, Describes the challenges at the beginning of the new school year at this prestigious institution.

“Despite questions about the Brexit and Covid 19 vulnerabilities, Mireil Rabade, headmaster of Lycee Churchill, is delighted to welcome students back to school under the guise of peace. The mask is strongly recommended for making, washing hands, wearing common areas, lunch etc.

All secondary students are tested at school on the first day of school and then have to be tested at home once every two weeks until the guidelines are changed by the UK government.

As for our success rates for the June 2021 exams, they excel through virtue. “We are so proud of our students and their results!”.

Mireille Rabaté, President of Lycée International de Londonres

Vision of Lycee Winston Churchill

A cautious attitude in Lycee Francis LFCG

The French High School Charles de Gaulle Expect a better start to this year than the start of the 2020 school year.

The head editor of Lycee Franchise, Mr. DeVillard explains that his establishment takes into account British and French orders.

“According to local official orders and our various supervisors in France and the UK, the French lycee Charles de Gaulle in London is preparing to start face-to-face.

Mr. DeVillard, principal of the French lycee Charles de Gaulle

Mr. Devillard describes the organization that is put in place to ensure the security of his establishment.

“The bubble approach is rejected by the Department of Education at all levels. So we welcome students in this state of mind. We have chosen a cautious approach to wearing the mask, encouraging middle school students and all staff to continue to wear it at home. Finally, we have set up a system that allows all middle school and high school students. Test. Home. “

Mr. DeVillard, principal of the French lycee Charles de Gaulle

Finally, we discussed with him the evolution of staff after 2 years of Govt and the effects of Brexit on January 1, 2021, on the application of new immigration rules.

“The numbers expected in June seem to be maintained at the beginning of the school year, although we may have to wait for the actual arrival of students to confirm the figures (some families sometimes withdraw without our knowledge at the last minute). We are delighted to welcome so many new families back this year to bring together more than 40 national races to build our school community. ”

Mr. DeVillard, principal of the French lycee Charles de Gaulle

Despite the difficulties faced by our comrades in the United Kingdom, the start of the 2021 school year is well under the sign of peace, and French foreigners and others are still optimistic.

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