Explained the diamond shape of the asteroids Pennu and Ryuku

Explican el origen de la forma de diamante de los asteroides Bennu y Ryugu


7 September 2021 17:26 GMT

A new study has modeled the evolution of two celestial bodies based on a principle widely used by engineers in soil dynamics.

Strange appearance of asteroids Determining And Ryu, Reminiscent of the geometric shape of a diamond, can be explained by a physical property of combining particles, a study says Published In the journal Granular Matter.

The authors of the work note that the two celestial bodies are made up of a Garbage collection Connected together by a relatively weak gravitational force Rotate at high speeds on their own axis.

So far its characteristic rhombic shape, the highest poles and the equator, has been the subject of debate among astronomers. Also, according to current models, asteroids must have a flat shape at their equator.

To explain this unknown, the authors of the new publication focused their research on the principle that the pieces attached to the aforementioned asteroids receive a principle. Angle of rest, I.e., the maximum possible angle of inclination of the granular material.

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This is a very important asset for engineers in the field of soil dynamics.

After modeling the evolutionary process of Pennu and Ryuku using analytical expressions and debris accumulation simulations, scientists were able to confirm their hypothesis.

In this way, they noticed the presence of centrifugal forces generated by the rotation of the celestial bodies Weak in areas near the polesAs a result, there is an increase in the amount of material accumulated.

Furthermore, their calculations show that Pennu and Ryuku acquired this shape at an early stage of their evolution, which, contrary to previous hypotheses, was later distorted due to their initial spherical shape.

They also concluded that the models used so far had missed the non-uniform particles that were the key element in creating the asteroid image.

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