Deauville 2021 – Clémence Poésy: “I was bottle-fed at a concert from the great Hollywood era” – Actus Cine

Deauville 2021 - Clémence Poésy: "I was bottle-fed at a concert from the great Hollywood era" - Actus Cine

Clemens Posey, chairman of the revelation jury at the Deauville Festival where he was a member in 2014, talks to us about his experience in this area. And his tastes in American cinema.

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Return to Deauville for Clemens Pose, one of the festival’s arrangements. A year after previewing the film Resistance, the man who presented his new Hollywood gift to Daniel Radcliffe, a partner in Harry Potter and the Cobbler of Fire, is now heading the revelation jury … was part of 2014. Opportunity to discuss this experience and her tastes in American cinema with him.

AlloCiné: You were already part of the Disclosure Arbitration Board in 2014. How much does this position change the way you watch movies, even if you are a spectator?
Clemens Posey : As a judge or spectator we never see the same images. In my life, I have never seen so many pictures at this rate per day. So it’s just another way to immerse yourself in a movie bath.

At festivals, it’s true that I don’t read summaries. I try to be as virgin as possible in front of the pictures, whereas in life, we choose our session, we go with expectations, I try not to be there. Being an observer is another way.

When you were on the jury, did you closely follow the filmmakers who rewarded you after that? I especially think of Ana Lilly Amirpur, who won the Revelation Prize in 2014, who is currently competing in Venice.
Ana Lilly Amirpur, it is true that we felt something was there. This was the promise of cinema. It was interesting, because that year, there was Wiblash, and we all understood. We all took a big room and we realized he would win [il a remporté le Grand Prix et le Prix du Public, ndlr].

Also, on our side, we had the idea of ​​going for a real revealing gift because we realized that Wiplash’s recognition might already be established. The proposal to let a woman go home alone at night seemed similar to this period “Expression”. Very well too.

You also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about your suit.
Yes. The other day, I was talking about a movie to do with a director, who told me that his girlfriend was a producer and that she produced a movie that I presented to the jury I was in Locarno. And she wrote to me. But often we have a small connection. There is something very moving about the first or second pictures in particular.

Emma Stone can do everything, and it causes depression.

Even as an audience, watching an actor or actress and watching their evolution is something to be happy about.
It was fun because we were talking about Emma Stone with Lomeball [membre de son jury, ndlr] Yesterday. I think we are both pretty fans (Laughs) I told her I remembered seeing her in a comedy, a teenage movie called Easy A when I was in the US. Tell me something is going to explode in this girl. It was clear from the beginning.

And she knows how to do everything, and it causes depression (She burst out laughing). Finally, good for her. She even does it at a concert. This girl is wonderful.

As an audience member, do you remember an American film you first saw?
I think he’s a Disney like everyone else. Well, not like everyone else, but I’m sure it’s a Disney, but I do not remember exactly what it was. After that, I was bottle-fed to music from the great Hollywood era. Our parents, my sister and I, sang in the rain or showed many movies like Tous en scène. Movies we watched over and over again.

Is there a director from the United States who stands alone especially for you?
Some Terence Malik films continue to haunt you even after a long time. And some of the best Michael Simino movies. Western countries, I think a lot about a movie like Jeremiah Johnson, and even this whole wave of my favorite quiet 70s Western.

There is a film that Nicholas Barriser discovered me while we were making a movie together [Le Grand jeu, ndlr] : Warren Beatty’s Red. The rather running film is one of the finest memories of American cinema.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress? In addition to Emma Stone.
(Laughs) I am a fan of Diane Keaton.

What was your last American movie clash?
My last true love wedding story. I found it to be something very tasty and very precise. You can feel the life there. What is always beautiful about what Noah Pompeo does is that it has a sense of humor and has boundaries on the most dramatic things from time to time. It starts to get a little high, but I think this is my last attraction.

Interview with Maximilian Pierre on September 5, 2021 in Deauville

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