The level of the water level is high

The level of the water level is high

In August, water levels reached or higher than in recent years.

In August, according to the last readings of the Regional Crisis Center in Wallonia, the level of the water table was generally higher or even higher than that observed in the last four years. While groundwater levels usually drop at this time of year, this level is not available this summer due to bad weather in July.

“The rainfall (weather event) associated with the cold fall in mid-July caused the most significant recharging,” explains the Regional Center. “These often reach or exceed regular highs during winter recharging.”

It was mainly found in the lime tablecloth and wimme in Hesbe in August. In this village in the province of Liege, the water level is constantly rising and on August 25 it was more than 86 cm, which was higher than the maximum level in 2020. The least affected area is the province of Luxembourg, where measurements of the Cinemurian Reservoir are comparable to those recorded in 2018 and 2019. For its part, Flanders, and especially in the east of the region, is experiencing the same phenomenon. Measurements show that the groundwater level is high at 29% of the measurement points and very high at 37% of them. The lowest and lowest levels are only 5% and 4% of the measurement points, respectively.

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