Horrific homosexual attack in Madrid: They wrote “fake” knife to 20-year-old boy | Community

Horrific homosexual attack in Madrid: They wrote "fake" knife to 20-year-old boy |  Community

It happened in Madrid. The 20-year-old Spanish man condemned the brutal attack by eight unidentified men, hid him, humiliated him and stabbed him in the buttocks.

The events took place this Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of Madrid Malasana At 5:00 pm, the local portal announced Newspaper.

The story of the young man, who was approached by the media with unidentified police sources, refers to the fact that they shouted at him “Fake”, “disgusting” and “shit eater.”

At the same time, with a razor, strangers cut off his lip and mentioned “Antichrist”.

A few seconds later, while the victim was on the ground, unidentified men lowered their pants and wrote “fake” on his buttocks using the same knife.

Europress News Agency also published this information, he confirmed the facts by accessing the same account and the young man then went to the National Police Center.

The El Tario report is the responsibility of the Central District Police, who are focusing their efforts on hate crime theory. The testimony of security cameras and witnesses is key to the investigation.

In light of these facts, the Kifkif Association for the Protection and Representation of People with Sexual Diversity pointed out EuropaPress This is an “organized, very serious and criminal act”.

If the victim knew the culprits and for some reason they planned the attack, it seems they were waiting for him on the portal.

KifkifMeanwhile, he called on the political parties represented in the Madrid legislature to “condemn the crimes and hate crimes against the LGDPI coalition in a very clear and effective manner.” “We join the voices calling for an urgent call from the LGDPI Council of the Autonomous Community to address the increase in these crimes in the region,” they added.

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