Biden's America is looking for its place in the world

Biden’s America is looking for its place in the world

Analysis – In China’s paradoxical view, the United States has abandoned the ground in Afghanistan

Special Envoy to Washington

How powerful should America be? The debate in Washington is in full swing, with the Americans quietly leaving Afghanistan at the end of August. Twenty years of military activity and massive investments to get there? So did Americans learn anything from the Soviet catastrophe?, Surprises a stunned Russian viewer.

Some voices who have observed what Washington is negotiating in Iraq are wondering why a military mission will be maintained and why this cannot be repeated in Afghanistan. “There is still time to fix things”, James Cunningham, former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, warns in a note to the Atlantic Council that a limited force should be maintained in Kabul and help Afghanistan build an air force.

For now, Joe Biden is not reacting

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