At midnight, LeBron left for a happy meeting in Italy!

LeBron James et sa femme Savannah

International star, LeBron James is known in most countries of the world. Another example is this weekend in Italy, Raja was surprised at midnight by a crowd of enthusiastic fans!

LeBron James makes the most of his vacation when the NBA world goes “at intervals” and before training camp at the end of the month. In recent days, King has established himself on the Italian side of the Gulf of Naples to enjoy the noble landscapes available to him. Because in part he was not the only star to be praised There came the big name of the music that greeted him.

After a while, the Lakers superstar quietly decided to go to sea in his boat with his wife Savannah. It counted the crowd of tourists, apparently the well-known ones, surprised the star couple and started singing football songs!

Surprised at first James then played the game with several gestures to his fans. He is certainly accustomed to the quiet in the United States, but we imagine that he would have appreciated much less calm sea peace in Italy. In any case such popularity speaks, basketball is not the most interesting sport in a country.

However, all of this affection should help LeBron recharge its batteries, which he desperately needed at the dawn of the 19th season and when he was 37 he was spinning. Lockers Armada is already spitting out many spectators in any case It is a former member of the House who predicts it will be “unique in history”.

It will not be easy now, it is to live according to exaggeration. The leader of the voice and the soul of the team, James knows that this will be the last chance for Larry O’Brien to find the trophy – if he does, he will pick up the 5th ring, thus fitting Kobe Bryant.

“Lepromania” knows no bounds, and King staged a new demonstration this weekend. Fun life, that’s for sure!

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