A meteorite has crossed Brittany’s sky

A meteorite has crossed Brittany's sky

Scientists from the Pribon Watch-Sky Network confirmed the presence of a meteorite in the sky over Brittany in the south of the UK on Sunday evening.

Screen shot of the meteorite taken by Tomcan La Roche-Bernard Tourism Office on September 6, 2021 from Brittany to the south of England

Tomkon La Roche-Bernard Tourism / AFP

This “polit” was spotted in a large northwestern part of France at 11:47 pm (21:47 GMT) on Sunday, French time, with the Freebon Network referring to it, especially showing pictures of the shooting star in the sky. From Vanessa. (https://www.vigie-ciel.org/2021/09/06/bolide-du-5-septembre-23h47/)

According to AFP Priscilla Abraham, a scientist at the Renes Science Center, who participated in the event, the meteorite from the south passed through Cornwall to complete its course on the Morlix peak. Astronomical observation program. Its size is not immediately stated.

Images were taken by cameras in Normandy and Brittany. The car crossed the Brest and dozens of testimonies in France and the south of England have already been collected by Friban or posted on social networks.

“I saw the meteor with its trajectory, a shooting star was seen very, very close. My partner only saw the light because he was not under the valex window, he acted for a few seconds during the day, and after a few minutes, he heard something like an eruption. The meteor light was very slightly with green reflections. It was brilliant and it was wonderful, “said Manon Sowett, a resident of Brest.

“The Most Beautiful Event”

A webcam in the port of Arsenal (Morbihan) shows “the most beautiful event we can see from time to time”. “Some people heard the noise. It was a decay in the atmosphere of the racing car,” the scientist said.

As for the words, “when the meteorite is large enough to see it”, Ms. Abraham recalled, “when it fell to the ground.”

He also said that these shooting stars and politicians can be observed throughout the year.

The Watch-Sky network, which has a Twitter account, encourages people who have seen these events to announce what they have noticed and fill out a questionnaire indicating direction and time.

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