You have created a “general picture of events”: UN releases report on plane landing with Protashevich – Belarus

Склали "загальну картину подій": ООН оприлюднить  доповідь про посадку літака з Протасевичем - новини Білорусь - 24 Канал

The organization plans to share the findings of its investigation in November. In particular, experts visited Minsk to find out the details.

To the title Protashevich’s girlfriend Sofia Sabeka gave an “interview” to a pro-government channel in Belarus.

UN report on plane landing with Protashevich in Minsk

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) traveled to Belarus to investigate the Ryanair plane crash. After that, security forces arrested Roman Prodoshevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sabiha.

The status of the investigation will be announced on September 13. If the Council members accept this report, it will be made public.
– As stated in ICAO.

Also, ICAO team leader Sylvain Lefoyer said – thanks to previous work, he and his colleagues have already been able to create a “general picture of events”.

“Now we need to clarify a number of facts, as well as gather more information and materials,” Lefoyer said while experts traveled to Minsk.

Briefly about the retention of protacevic

  • In May 2021, the former editor of the opposition telegram channel NEXTA Roman Prodasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sabeka was shot down. He was detained in Minsk.
  • The pair flew on an Athens – Vilnius flight. The cause of the plane’s landing in Belarus was called the mine report, but was not found after testing the explosives on board.
  • Then on the pro-government television channel Protashevich’s “interview” appeared, In which he is said to have admitted his guilt in organizing mass riots.
  • According to Protashevich’s father, his The son was repeatedly tortured.
  • June 25 Detained a boy and a girl Transferred to house arrest.

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