When an American soldier is fined $ 10,000 in a Belgian bag

When an American soldier is fined $ 10,000 in a Belgian bag

Last Thursday, when he entered the court to play the second round of the US Open against young Italian Lorenzo Musetti, Reilly Obelka was allowed in directly by the tournament organizers. Questioned? His pink bag – straight outside the artist Tim von Lair gallery – is decorated with a bigger logo than the American Grand Slam allowed. According to the rules, the logo of the extra bag brought to the court (excluding the hot bag containing drinks, etc.) should not be more than ten centimeters. If the design is larger than that, the player will be fined … $ 10,000

An astronomical sum for breaking the rules, which set Reilly Opelka somewhat aside. “It’s a joke that this is happening at the US Open,” the American giant (2m11) responded after his victory. “$ 10,000 for a pink bag? Come on! The referee told me I had to measure it. My job is not to measure logos, but to win matches. I broke a rocket by the knee. I did not pay a dollar. But for a pink bag, I was fined $ 10,000.” Opelka, which feels like it’s trying to make money at the U.S. Open, has its lawsuits “to make up for lost ticket sales last year.” Due to Govt.

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