Panama: Legal use of cannabis for medical purposes –

Panama: Legal use of cannabis for medical purposes -

On Monday, August 30, the Panama Parliament approved a bill legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes. President Laurentino Cortizo has not yet released the speech.

The first country in Central America to allow cannabis consumption

At Panama, A bill legalizing the application Cannabis Is For medical purposes Approved by Parliament on Monday. The speech, brought by Assembly Speaker Crispiano Adams, was accepted by 44 votes and there was nothing against it, according to media reports. This is the first place Central America !

Waiting for text notification

The law, which has not yet been enacted by President L. Cortiso, refers to culture Cannabis, Its use and marketing will be monitored. The government will issue the license. For a member of the ruling party, this decision will help “So far hundreds of Panamanians have not been able to get this Medicine“.

From “Therapeutic, medical, veterinary, scientific and research objectives”

Specifies the text Cannabis Used for “Therapeutic, medical, veterinary, scientific and research objectives across the national territory”. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

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