Deauville 2021 – Lomepal: “Emma Stone Gives Me Duck Bumps” – Cinema News

Deauville 2021 - Lomepal: "Emma Stone Gives Me Duck Bumps" - Cinema News

Revelation jury member Rapper Lomeball talks about his tastes in cinema. Especially his admiration for Quentin Tarantino and Emma Stone.

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He was one of the surprise guests of the jury of the American Film Festival at the 47th Dew: rapper Antoine Valentinelli, also known as Lomeball. If he hadn’t worked on any film, he would have talked on our microphone about his taste as an audience member. Especially in terms of movies about music.

AlloCiné: When you did not make a film, how did you react when you were given the opportunity to be a part of this jury?
Lomeball: You can clearly say that I am illegal (Laughs) My first reaction was to say no. Besides, I was on a break, I didn’t want to do anything, until then I refused everything. But I still told myself it was a very good experience to have had one. So I changed my mind. And it was in Deauville.

If it had been another festival, I guess I would not have liked it. But it’s true that Duville is a bit off, because even though it’s well known, it’s still independent cinema, I told myself it would be good for me, and it would be nonsense to miss this project. So I said ok, enrich myself, meet the most interesting people, watch movies and bring my little amateur stuff.

I think we are happy to offer a guy like me. If I were the only one in the jury, it would have been ridiculous. But they say there is only one connection “Well, he likes to watch movies, but that’s not his job.”, I find it not bad.

Have you ever been approached to participate in a film?
Yes, but small approaches do not work. I did a template but it didn’t work. The acting went well but I knew it wouldn’t go any further. I don’t think I’m a good actor. Or I just need to go one step further to be comfortable. Because here I am so embarrassed, it makes me play so badly.

I have to go one step further to be comfortable as an actor.

Do you remember the first American movies you saw?
When I was little my mom took me to see Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Marx Brothers. Probably other things like that. I think this is the oldest material I have ever seen. My mom also took me to see a lot of Hitchcock. And Kubrick, though they were English.

Do you have a cult American image that you put above all else?
Although the director is Kasturika I think he is American, but that is the Arizona dream. This is one of my most favorite movies. With the conversations of the madman. It is delicious. The atmosphere is also excellent, albeit sometimes filthy. And it’s even more fun. These aren’t the action movies I always like, but something has to catch me.

What about the actor and actresses?
Oh, there are a lot! Along with the other members of the jury, we were talking earlier about the two heroines of Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone, because we started talking about the latest Gentia. We thought it was fun that they both became great actresses, and it looks like Gentia is starting a great career with her too.

But a girl like Emma Stone, I love it! She gives me heartburn. Not sure how to interpret it. She has more style, she is more beautiful, at the same time she has more emotions. I like it so much, we see that she can do a lot of good things, every time it is bitter.

Who is your favorite director?
This is not original, but I can tell you about Tarantino. I consider him a genius who succeeds in influencing many old classics, and we both feel the respect he pays for them, while he brings something personal, not a Tarantino and not a copy. I really like everything he did. I like less, but still like, only Inglourious Basterds.

But unlike a lot of people, I loved the last, once upon a time … in Hollywood. I got a slap all over. What I like is that people mistakenly associate it with action scenes or between core and cake. I especially like conversations. My favorite thing is this: Punchline, but in the noblest sense of the word. One of my favorites from him, maybe my favorite, is Les 8 Salobarts. It’s just conversation. But how it responds is interesting.

Do you pay particular attention to music when watching a movie?
Not much, no. With all the questions I ask today, I realized that I am not great at listening to music. I don’t particularly focus on that, I just take a scene overall. So, the music plays there, but I don’t particularly listen to it.

Do you have any pictures about music?
Yes, for example the Johnny Cash movie, Walk the Line. This is an excellent biography. Recently I liked a movie about Beach Boys, Love & Mercy. Paul Dano, with John Cusack and Elizabeth Banks. There is also whiplash but I do not like everything in it. Anyway this is a great movie, but when the crazy teacher makes them play together and spins them around I think it really spreads and they all start to bleed from the fingers.

From this scene, we begin to realize that the film is starting to change and that each scene is going to be one of the most interesting and powerful. Before that, like the teacher who knocks on the door, I think there are a lot of clichs, and he’s horrible to everyone.

I look at it a little more directly. It bothered me a little at first. On the contrary, I would have liked a teacher who would be so cute but really devilish. But you didn’t realize it immediately. From the moment this scene exists, all of a sudden, it becomes very intense. Then there is this result. Despite the fact that the author is a terrible monster, music becomes more important than revenge.

I know you are a fan of skateboarding. In some of the films that talk about it, is there anything you particularly like?
Vasu Rockers is Larry Clark who loves skateboarding. But usually it is not … yes there is Paranoid Park that I like, it was the best in the 90s. Besides, he’s very fair in the way things go between skaters. He talks about an era where social networks and brands existed before showing what skateboarding was.

There was one that pierced a million. Then the sponsors joined. It seems like you see it in movies or things like that, but there is a huge divide between those who win and those who fight and those who have no future. So for those who have dedicated their lives, it is not going to revive them. This thing about the crowd of homies, so honest, he really did Jonah Hill.

Interview with Maximilian Pierre on September 4, 2021 in Deauville

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