Behind the scenes of a masterpiece of Hollywood music, an American in Paris

Behind the scenes of a masterpiece of Hollywood music, an American in Paris

He was 70 years old, and on September 26, 1951, MGM released his most luxurious music film, An American in Paris. Magnified by George Gershwin director Vincent Minelli with Jean Kelly and Leslie Coron. The film has inspired many directors.

Arthur Fried’s idea of ​​being an American in Paris, Boss of Metro Goldwin Meyer’s music division. He wants to make a film around the title of this symphonic poem composed by George Gershwin, and wants to finish the film with full ballet, which is a fruitful dare. He gathers around him Vincent Minelli, a great director who imagines a tribute to French painters. Alan Jay Lerner imagines a libretto around Gershwin’s music, the story of a former GI in Paris torn between a wealthy art enthusiast and a small perfume seller. Jean Kelly and music director Saul Chaplin choose more or less popular songs from George Gershwin’s review. Jean Kelly dances to the ensemble. Production lasts 8 months and final ballet shooting over a month.

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We will hear the testimonies of the artisans of this film

  • Arthur Freid, Producer
    Vincent Minelli, Director
    Jean Kelly, Actor, choreographer, choreographer
    Leslie CoronActress and dancer
    Saul Chaplin, Music Director

Thread Description

  • An American – Blu-ray in Paris
    Vincent Minelli (director) Jean Kelly (actor (s)) Leslie Caron (actor)
    Released November 26, 2020


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He gave a primary class during which he describes his life on Broadway, his initial desire to work on Broadway.
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