The largest trikeratoba skeleton in the auction – who is the famous “Big John”

The largest trikeratoba skeleton in the auction - who is the famous "Big John"

One of the most impressive skeletons Dinosaurs And the world’s largest trikeratoba skeleton is for sale and its purchase will cost a considerable amount to the interested collector.

At about 8 meters high, the 66 million-year-old fossil is the largest specimen ever discovered, according to French auction house Pinocchio and Gigello.

The “Big John” skeleton is expected to sell for 1.2-1.5 million euros at an auction in Paris on October 21.

“With more than 60% and 75% complete skull, this is a miracle of nature and a work of art,” Alexander Gigallo, a spokesman for the auction house, told the Guardian.

“At every auction, new faces appear. We ‘ve seen extraordinary landlords who want to invest in attracting customers. There are also people who are interested in science and paleontology. They’s relatively new, coming from new technologies. Are immersed in myth, “he added.

The dinosaur is believed to have lived in modern-day North America and died in an ancient flood in South Dakota – where geologist Walter W. CNN and Reuters reported that Stein Bill first discovered one of the bones in May 2014.

Ancient researchers warned of a similar sale last year, when the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was auctioned for $ 31.8 million, the New York Times reported at the time.

In September 2020, Christie’s auction house for the purchase of the skeleton and its impact on researchers studying endangered animals were criticized by the Spine Archaeological Society.

“Scientifically important vertebrate fossils are part of our collective natural heritage and should be preserved in public institutions,” the statement said.

The largest trichoderma skeleton in the auction - the famous

Big John certainly deserves his nickname – his skull is about 2.5 meters long, while he has two large horns that are one meter long and 30 cm wide.

In terms of overall size, it is the largest trichoratopa ever discovered, 5–10% larger than the skeleton, identified by archaeologists than other skeletons of the species.

Big John is believed to have wounded a small trichoderma, either defending his territory or demanding a woman.

Unlike most dinosaurs found in flocks, the Trikeratoba fossils are “usually found in isolation,” according to the UK Natural History Museum, which says they “may have spent most of their lives alone.”

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