"Lying" broad leader before "9-1-1"

“Lying” broad leader before “9-1-1”

TF1 dominates the audience on Thursday evening, September 2, with the launch of the mini-series ” Lie Worn by Audrey Flurode and Arnaud Tourette. In the first two episodes of this sensational thriller 5.56 million people were in suspense, or 27.3% of the public and 28.2% of women under the age of fifty responsible for home purchases, a target to be channel leader.

© Philip Warrin / Felicita Films / TF1

M6 finishes second in US series “ 9-1-1 Led by Angela Bassett and Peter Cross. The two who did not watch the evening attracted 2.42 million serial fans or 11.5% in front of their TV box last night.

France 3 completes top three with unpublished documentary “ Colossus, a great time “.This movie is dedicated to the famous comedian 1.77 million people or 9% of people aged 4 and over.

Ranked fourth with France 2 “ Reporter It came back again. This first “new format” number, provided by Elise Lucet, was liked by only 1.66 million viewers and 8% of the audience.

TMC Top 5 American Science Fiction Film “I.Pro day ண்ட் Roland Emerick, who has 1.19 million followers or 6.9% of the general public aged 4 and over.

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