Facebook: Algorithm makes black humans wrong for monkeys

Facebook: Algorithm makes black humans wrong for monkeys

The most embarrassing thing for a social media company. One of Facebook’s recommended methods, showing users?

A year ago, the British daily The Daily Mail posted a video on Facebook entitled “White man calls police against black men in Marina”.

This video only shows people, not monkeys. Other than the one below, the question is: “Want to see more videos on Primate?” Who worked on Facebook.

“This is slander,” he commented, calling on his former colleagues on Facebook to escalate the matter.

A spokesman for Facebook, requested by Agency France-Press, responded that “this is clearly an unacceptable error”.

Facebook apologized

“We apologize to anyone who has seen these insulting recommendations,” he added. The California company has disabled the recommendation tool on this issue “once we look at what is going on to investigate the causes of the problem and prevent it from happening again”, he reiterated. “As we said, even though we are improving our artificial intelligence systems, they are not perfect and we know we have some improvements,” he continued.

This case actually highlights the limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which continue to be highlighted on the platform in an effort to create a personalized feed for its nearly 3 billion monthly users.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company makes extensive use of AI in content moderation. But Facebook, like its competitors, is constantly accused of not fighting enough against racism and other hatred and discrimination.

In November 2019, a dozen current or past Facebook employees He also condemned in an article “Everyone who is not white is a hostile culture” within the American company.

The issue is further compounded by the fact that many civil society organizations have accused social networks and their methods of contributing to the division of American society in the context of the demonstrations of the “black life thing” movement (number of black lives).

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