“Ben Simmons is very close to him, that’s why he wants to go there.”

Ben Simmons est devenu le 2ème joueur de moins de 23 ans à réaliser un match de playoffs à plus de 30 points et 9 passes, avec Derrick Rose

Ben Simmons has made it clear that he wants to leave Philadelphia, but no one really knows where he is. Wants Put his suitcases down … but according to one executive, Simmons’ relationship with the young star of the league will strongly affect his preferences!

As the new season approaches, there is very little stability in the NBA Ben Simmons Should logically evolve under new colors. After a very complicated year and the playoffs he was responsible for eliminating sixes, the Australian leader decided it was time for him to take on another new challenge …

For now, competitors are much smarter, even though some tracks seem more intense than others. The Warriors, for example, are the bookmakers’ favorites in the file, which will be in full serious response locally, and even more Some pressure in the direction ! Similarly, another owner would be willing to buy the services of Ben Simmons, and A big name started flirting with him on social websites

If the leader had expressed a desire to leave the “city of brotherly love” he would not have given any indication of his dream destination … but according to one owner of the Eastern Conference, Ben Simmons would have kept a city well in his lifetime views. From Evan Dummerel Right down Euclid He says what he heard in the office.

Ben Simmons is actually closer to Darius Garland because they are both referred to by Clutch Sports. That’s why he wanted to go to the guards. He wants to start a new chapter in a team where he is clearly the best player and he will be treated that way.

Ben Simmons finally wants to get along well with his teammates, which is why he wants to join his friend Darius Carland in Cleveland! I have to say that this pair will have a mouth … a little too talented leader behind the curve, associated with a very strong defense with a big leader, and more difficult to do! But for that, maybe it will be necessary to remove the leg sexton …

On the other hand, this choice of Ben Simmon raises questions about his true ambition! Does he want to win the title and get to the top, even if it means taking the back seat in a franchise, or does he want to be the # 1 option on the team that has the most difficulty? Answer in a few weeks!

Ben Simmons already sees himself in Cleveland with his friends, at least one leader thinks so! That’s good, the cops have assets to convince the Sixers in negotiations.

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