Australia enforces horrific online surveillance law

Australia enforces horrific online surveillance law

After a new bill allowing such actions is passed by the Senate, Australian police forces will soon take advantage of the new online surveillance powers.

On August 25, 2021, the Australian Senate passed a surveillance bill that gives the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Investigation Commission (ACIC) – unprecedented powers in surveillance and online data monitoring. The law was officially enacted to fight crime Dark webBut it was harshly criticized by the opposition and the defenders of freedom.

I have to say that the rules provided by this law are enough to make people shudder. Introducing the bill for example “Data Interruption Warrant” This allows certain police forces to access and control computer data “For the purpose of overthrowing the Criminal Procedure Commission”. Possibilities for the police to modify, copy, add or delete data. Another order “Network Function” Allow the police to collect intelligence from used devices or networks or use those subject to a warrant. According to the last article of the law, it authorizes the taking control of online accounts for the purpose of gathering information for investigation. Failure to comply may result in imprisonment for up to 10 years.

“The scope of the new powers is proportional to the threats”

Behind the law chaos, authorities allow massive latitudes to monitor their targets on the Internet, access devices, consult or modify content, and access the Internet. “The purpose of the new powers is proportional to the cybercrime threats they direct.”, Lydia Thorpe, Senator of the Environment Party of Australia, revolted.

Apparently, Australian authorities have not officially targeted the average user, but organized crime and pedophile networks. “The two main parties are in complete agreement with each other and it is not surprising that they are leading us to a surveillance position., The senator continues. Even worse, can a member of the Administrative Appellate Tribunal issue an order for data disruption and network operation?. She judges like that “Slander” This type of warrant does not require the approval of a court judge.

The 2020 bill amending the law on surveillance, therefore verified by the Australian Senate, is the last step in approving a bill that needs to get the prestigious “state approval”.

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