The red carpet for “Tune” and the world premiere of its star cast

Stuck in the sand of the Hollywood arachnids? New version Hill, A big budget film by Denise Villeneuve, is making its way to the Venice Film Festival this Friday at the Venice Film Festival, with top-level actors including Timothy Solomon to Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson and Gentia.

The slightly dark red carpet from the onset of the epidemic, which will finally regain all its brightness, must travel to Lido for a world premiere with a parade of these stars.

The film, which has been postponed several times due to Govt, is being presented without competition, and its director, Canadian Denise Villeneuve, is expected beyond the pool, beyond the pool: Hill, A series of novels by Frank Herbert, the masterpiece of science fiction (SF), which so far no adaptation truly believes.

Villanueva (Hitman, Primary contact) Has already proven its ability to handle science fiction Blade Runner 2049 (2017), a sequel to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. For him Hill, He was able to spend $ 165 million on a budget.

37 years after the commercial failure of David Lynch, the film remains a major challenge for Warner. The latter is dreaming Hill Like Star Wars it becomes a new story that brings the crowd in and out of theaters. Beyond that, it’s a test for studios coming out of the epidemic, the success of streaming and the suffocation of the superhero model.

Villeneuve, 53, a big fan of Frank Herbert, must truly take the plot of the book to clash with the film, the tribes and the powerful, the combination that provides prophetic powers to control spice, prolong life after our era.

It is harvested on the burning sand planet and is infested with powerful giant worms called arachnids or tune. The film covers only the first part of the first novel, and the director hopes to be able to provide a sequel to the audience.

Freeman’s prophet Paul Adritis, played by 25-year-old Franco-American Timothy Solomon of Arrockis People, has been a staple in Hollywood since his emergence. Call me by your name. He picks up the torch that Kyle McLachlan carried Hill By David Lynch

Besides him, Oscar Isaac plays his father Duke Leto, Rebecca Ferguson Dame Jessica, his mother. Freemen count the exponents of the Spaniard Javier Barthem and series in their ranks ThrillZentaya, a star with 106 million subscribers on Instagram, has the potential to bring the younger generation to the cinema. Britain’s Charlotte Rumble plays a Reverend mother.

The release of the wire, scheduled for September 15 in France, has already been preceded by some confusion: Denise Villeneuve did not take the blame against Warner’s decision: Broadcast the film online in some countries. “Watching ‘Tune’ on TV is like riding a speed boat in your bathtub. This is ridiculous for me. “, He slammed again shortly before Mostra opened in the American press.

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