Leading Chinese researchers are looking at the coming quantum revolution

Leading Chinese researchers are looking at the coming quantum revolution

Photo Radio China

Quantum technologies refer to engineering systems that use the quantum properties of photons, electrons, atoms or molecules. For example, Radio China reports that lasers, magnetic resonance imaging and the global stabilization system are closely linked to quantum technology.

Zhao Fuan, a recent graduate of the Chinese University of Science and Technology and a doctoral candidate in optical engineering, left a well-paying job with an annual salary of 600,000 yuan ($ 92,300) and decided to start his own business in quantum computing. . “The foundation of quantum computing technology. For example, when a new object is discovered, we can assess whether the equipment is working properly by detecting any change in the electromagnetic field around it,” he explains.

Currently, common methods for checking the quality of electrical equipment, such as temperature measurement and ultraviolet radiation, are good for detecting large thermal defects, but are not as effective for small ones or for predicting potential problems that may develop rapidly.

According to Zhao Bowen, in terms of quantum technology, China already has its advantages over relatively good countries, but lags behind in some areas, such as sensors used for facial recognition.

Another young expert who has linked his career with quantum technology is Ha Yu from Sichuan Province. Before completing his doctorate, he launched a new product in the field of quantum sensors, which has great potential in detecting microscopic structures such as cellular and protein molecules. In 2016, he founded CIQTEK, which specializes in quantum computing, which is gaining desirable interest from investors. “We have investors like iFlytek and Hillhouse Capital behind us, and the government has given us some support,” he said.

Zhao Bowen and Ha Yu are a growing army of experts in quantum physics, quantum computing and related industries in China. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, more than 4,000 companies related to quantum technology were created, an increase of 652% on an annual basis.

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