In pursuit of an America that does not exist

In pursuit of an America that does not exist

“Making movies is about finding a nostalgia for the past”. In a series of his interviews, Glass conversations (2004), Michael Simino invites us to reflect on the depressing horizon of his cinematography. Dense, epic, excessive. In 2013, director Jean-Baptiste Thorde took the incredible filmmaker on an extraordinary road — a journey from Los Angeles to the snow-capped peaks of Colorado. A magical realm behind a state, he understood closely.

To extend the journey begun in his article, Michael Simino, The Lost Voices of America (Edited by Flammarion), J – B Thorde (As you can read on our pages, he collaborated with editorial staff for a long time and produced his first document in 2017) Helps to find places to design extraordinary human stories of such masterpieces The journey to the end of hell (1978), At the gate of heaven (1980) or Sensor, The director’s last film in 1996 …

From the confluence of the small steel town of Mingo to the beautiful Montana Mountains, from the Sacred Lands of Arizona to the majesty of Wyoming. They traveled to many places in search of the Simonian mirages that will forever imprint the history of the United States.

Go through Deauville before leaving the cinema

Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, John Savage, James Tobag, Michael Simino, an American Mirage It will be screened this Sunday, September 5, at the Deauville Festival. Theatrical release on November 24th.

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